The peculiarities of our terroir allow us to produce wines of incomparable quality and of strong and singular character.

The quality production of H.LUN is expressed in its two product lines…


Line „1840“

Our winemaker carefully separates the grapes by location and quality in order to interpret the multi-faceted Alto Adige terroir to its fullest extent. Then and now, masterhood means to choose each grape variety from the right location in order to maintain the individuality of the H.LUN wines.

Line „Sandbichler“

The Sandbichler wines are the culmination of our quality production and as such they are subjected to strictest selection processes in the vineyard. Extraordinary richness, aromatic intensity and careful refining distinguish our white wines and contribute to their remarkable longevity. Thanks to proper maceration and a long and cosy maturity, our red wines are the excellent result of many years of tradition.